Our CI/CD system

Our CI/CD systemΒΆ

The best place to learn about the latest state of our automatic hub deployment is to look at the deploy-hubs.yaml GitHub workflow. That workflow defines the automatic hub deployment for many of our major clusters.

Currently, our CI/CD system is triggered on pushes to the master branch when any of the following paths are modified:

- deployer/**
- hub-templates/**
- requirements.txt
- dev-requirements.txt
- config/secrets.yaml
- config/hubs/**
- .github/workflows/deploy-hubs.yaml
- .github/actions/deploy/**

The deployment matrix includes our existing clusters with references to the corresponding cloud provider so we can effectively run cluster specifics steps depending on where the cluster is deployed.

The following steps are path-filtered so we can trigger new deployments on specific clusters when the associated files are actually changed.

Finally, the deploy action is called which in turn will use the deployer script to deploy the hubs on the corresponding clusters.


TODO: This is yet small, it needs to be extended to talk more about our CI/CD system.