Troubleshooting and debugging

These sections describe a few common and useful tips for troubleshooting our infrastructure.

Roll back (revert) a helm deploy

Sometimes it is useful to simply revert a Kubernetes deployment with Helm. For example, if you’ve manually deployed something via helm upgrade, and notice that something is wrong with our deployment.


Ideally, this would have happened automatically via CI/CD, but sometimes a manual deploy is still necessary!

If you’d simply like to revert back to the state of the Kubernetes infrastructure from before you ran helm install, try the following commands:

  • Get the deployment name and revision number for the latest deploy. To do so, run this command:

    helm list --namespace {{NAMESPACE}}
  • Roll back the deployment to the previous revision, using the information output from the above command:

    helm rollback --namespace {{NAMESPACE}} {{DEPLOYMENT_NAME}} {{REV_NUM - 1}}

    The {{REV_NUM - 1}} simply means “deploy the previous revision number”. Usually, NAMESPACE and DEPLOYMENT_NAME are identical, but always best to double check.

This should revert the Helm deployment to the previous revision (the one just before you ran helm upgrade).