Set a community-specific domain using a CNAME#

We most commonly make hubs available at an address that follows a pattern such as: <community-name>.<cluster-name> or <community-name> (depending on whether the hub is deployed to a shared cluster or a dedicated one respectively). However, some communities may have their own domain name and may want their hub to be available at that address instead, for example: hub.<community-domain>. This guide covers the steps required to allow this.


This guide requires that you have completed the steps in the Configure and deploy the support chart section of the Hub Deployment Guide.

Let the Community Representative know what to do in their DNS provider#

In Setting DNS records, you probably created a DNS record in our Namecheap account that looked something like *.<community-name> and pointed it at the external IP address of the NGINX load balancer service that is deployed as part of the support chart. It is unlikely that a 2i2c engineer will have access to the DNS provider a community are using to manage their domain name so we must provide them with the steps required for them to proceed. You can use the template below to comment on the relevant “New Hub - Request deployment” issue asking them to complete the steps.

### Instructions for setting CNAMEs

For the hub to be available at hub.`<community-domain>`, please follow the below steps:

1. Please create a CNAME record in your DNS zone
2. Give the CNAME record an understandable name. This can be anything you want,
   for example, `hub`.
3. Set the following URL as the CNAME target:
   - `<community-name>`  # Or whatever the record in our DNS zone is
4. Let me know when you have done that and I shall redeploy the hub to use the new URL

You can repeat this process to also host the staging hub at staging.hub.`<community-name>`,
but this time, the CNAME record should be called something slightly different,
such as `staging.hub` or whatever you prefer, and the target URL is

Hope that makes sense!


The reason we ask a community to set CNAMEs that point to the record in our domain is so that we only need to update our DNS records if the external IP address of our load balancing service changes. No changes will be required upstream in the community-owned DNS zone.

Update our config to use the new URL#

Once the Community Representative has confirmed that they have setup the required CNAMEs, we must update our config and redeploy the hubs.

At an absolute minimum, the domain field of the relevant hub entry in the cluster.yaml file needs to be changed to match the new URL.

Additionally, if the method of authentication setup on the hubis associated with an app, such as GitHub Orgs and Teams or CILogon, then these extra changes will also be required:

  • Update the OAuth Callback URL stored in our config to match the new URL

  • Change the homepage URL and the OAuth Callback URL defined in the settings of the OAuth app to match the new URL

Once you have made these changes and committed them, you can deploy them either via CI/CD by merging a PR or by manually running the deployer.