2i2c Infrastructure Guide#

This is documentation about the infrastructure behind 2i2c’s Managed JupyterHubs Service. The goal of this stack is to automatically deploy JupyterHubs in the cloud with configuration from config/clusters.


This documentation is primarily for the 2i2c Open Engineering team. It describes the details of our cloud deployments, how to operate and improve them, how to debug cloud infrastructure problems, etc. It is not necessary reading for Hub Administrators, but we invite you to explore in order to understand our infrastructure better, and gain inspiration if you’re running a similar service. For documentation about administering a 2i2c JupyterHub, see the 2i2c Hub Administrator’s guide.

Get started#

These sections help you get started working with 2i2c’s infrastructure. Documentation structure provides a high-level guide to this documentation, and our tutorials are step-by-step guides to help you understand and use our infrastructure.

Site reliability engineering guide#

The SRE guide covers day-to-day tasks undertaken by engineers as well as tasks that may need to be completed as part of our support process. We also document common problems and their solutions within these sections, where a permanent solution has not been developed (yet).

Hub deployment guide#

These sections walk an engineer step-by-step through the workflow of setting up a new 2i2c-managed JupyterHub.

How-to guides#

How-To guides answer the question ‘How do I…?’ for a lot of topics. These operations do not fall into day-to-day tasks of the Site reliability engineering guide, nor the standard operations of deploying a new hub, but may be deployed occasionally as a specific addition.

Topic guides#

Topic guides go more in-depth on a particular topic.


Reference information about our infrastructure.


Information on contributing to this repository