Move a Hub to a new URL

Move a Hub to a new URL#

Sometimes we may want to change the URL and naming convention of a hub we have deployed, e.g., renaming the previous ‘researchdelight’ hub to ‘showcase’ 2i2c-org/infrastructure#3279.

  1. Rename config files and update file references

    Our naming conventions mean that we have config files in the form <hub-name>.values.yaml and these are explicitly listed as a hub entry within the associated cluster.yaml file where the hub is deployed. These files should be renamed <old-hub-name>.values.yaml –> <new-hub-name>.values.yaml and updated in the associated cluster.yaml file.

  2. Update instance of the old hub name within the config files

    This will mostly be related to URLs, e.g., jupyterhub.ingress.hosts and OAuth callback URLs for authentication.


    Some variables, e.g. references to scratch buckets or kubernetes annotations, may remain the same, unless you also update the related terraform config. This is optional, and only recommended if consistency of the scratch bucket names is crucial for the community.

  3. Update any instances of the old hub name in the cluster.yaml file


    If the name field is changed (as opposed to only the display_name field), this will cause the deployer/helm to deploy a new hub under a new namespace bearing the new hubname. The namespace bearing the old hub name will continue to exist and will need cleaning up manually, since helm does not have the concept of renaming a namespace. Depending on how different the new name is from the old, this is a judgment call to make.

  4. Add a redirect from the old URL to the new one

    In the support.values.yaml file for the cluster, set up automatic redirection of users going to the old domain name to arrive at the new new domain name.

        - from: <old-domain>
          to: <new-domain>
  5. Open a Pull Request with the changes for review

  6. Once the PR has been approved:

    1. Update A/CNAME records in Namecheap for the new URL

    2. Update the relevant OAuth app for the new URL

    3. Merge the PR

  7. If you also changed the name field within the cluster.yaml file, delete the old hub namespace in helm. It is recommended to migrate the data first.