eksctl creates nodepools that are mostly immutable, except for autoscaling properties - minimum and maximum number of nodes. In certain cases, it might be helpful to ‘scale up’ a nodegroup in a cluster before an event, to test cloud provider quotas or to make user server startup faster.

  1. Open the appropriate .jsonnet file for the cluster in question (located in the eksctl folder). Depending on how you intend to scale the nodepools, there are two approaches you may take.

    1. Scale all nodepools. To scale all nodepools, locate the minSize property of the nb node group and change the value to what you want. An example can be found here: 2i2c-org/infrastructure

    2. Scale a specific nodepool. If you only wish to scale a specific nodepool, you can add the minSize property to the local notebookNodes variable next to the instanceType that you wish to scale.


    It is currently unclear if lowering the minSize property just allows the autoscaler to reclaim nodes, or if it actively destroys nodes at time of application! If it actively destroys nodes, it is unclear if it does so regardless of user pods running in these nodes! Until this can be determined, please do scale-downs only when there are no users on the nodes.

  2. Render the .jsonnet file into a YAML file with:

    export CLUSTER_NAME=<your_cluster>
    jsonnet $CLUSTER_NAME.jsonnet > $CLUSTER_NAME.eksctl.yaml
  3. Use eksctl to scale the cluster.

    eksctl scale nodegroup --config-file=$CLUSTER_NAME.eksctl.yaml


    eksctl might print warning messages such as retryable error (Throttling: Rate exceeded. This is just a warning, and shouldn’t have any actual effects on the scaling operation except cause a delay.

  4. Validate that appropriate new nodes are coming up by authenticating to the cluster, and running kubectl get node.

  5. Commit the change and make a PR, and note that you have already completed the scaling operation. This is flexible, as the scaling operation might need to be timed differently in each case. The goal is to make sure that the minSize parameter in the github repository matches reality.