Common errors and what logs to check

Common errors and what logs to check#

Based on the errors experienced, specific logs can have more information about the underlying issue.

5xx errors during login or server start#

These kind of errors are reported by the hub, so checking the hub pod logs might provide more insight on why they are happening.

Scaling issues#

If any scaling-related errors are reported, then the first thing to check is the cluster autoscaler logs from the cloud console or through kubectl.

Dask issues#

If users are experiencing issues related to Dask, then:

  • something might be going on with dask-gateway and the logs of the pods related with this service might have more useful info. You can look at dask-gateway logs either with kubectl or from the cloud console.

  • there might be some connectivity issue and the traefik logs might help. Traefik pod logs are available from kubectl using the commands described in this troubleshooting section.